The Assassin Next Door out on Region 2 DVD

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Olga Kurylenko’s “The Assassin Next Door” (aka “Kirot”) is an English/Hebrew/Russian (!) thriller about an assassin (Kurylenko) who, wait for it…LIVES NEXT DOOR to another woman, who’s suffering quite badly at the hands of her abusive husband. The two become friends, which obviously puts pressure on Olga to keep her murderous job under-wraps. I thorouhgly enjoyed it, even if it’s not the most original film out there, but Kurylenko is as magnetic as ever (and hot) and there’s enough action to satisfy most.

It’s getting a Region 2 release on the 7th Feb courtesy of G2 Pictures, unfortunately without any special features apart from the usual trailers. However, IF YOU’D LIKE TO SEE OLGA KURYLENKO’S BUM then I’d recommend buying it.

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Author: Gazz Ogden

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