The Avengers Assemble in a Badly Photoshopped EW Cover


Yeah, it’s Entertainment Weekly. It’s to be expected, unfortunately.

I have no idea if any of the images on the cover are original or new, or if they were all just taken from other places and slapped lazily together to make a cover. And what’s up with Mark Ruffalo’s “I’ll rape you in a dark alley” stare?

In any case, “The Avengers” star, from top left to bottom right: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

Joss Whedon directs the upcoming 2012 film.

UPDATE: Replaced the small EW cover with Marvel’s version. Plus, three official images in the EW article can be found here.

The Avengers (2012) Movie EW Cover

Author: Nix

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  • Shazam!

    What is it about people working in graphic design these days that they don’t understand LIGHTING! Or perhaps the greater point is, why does Marvel not seem to care about the images that get released about their characters!? I’m getting flashbacks to the first look we had of X-Men: First Class!

    Plus… what angle is Ruffalo going for? What about him in any way screams Bruce Banner?! He looks like he’s either trying to pass a billiard ball or else he’s trying to get people’s brains to explode using his mind!

    • Dedpool

      Lmao. Agreed! However I’m hoping they’re going for an edge Banner. a cross between his more recent comic version and the Ultimate version.

      • Juggernaut

        That cover is dreadful! Lol. Ruffalo’s hair is out of control. They seem to be severing all ties with the Ed Norton vehicle from 2008. The clothes, the hair, everything is different. I don’t get how or why he’d be in the suit and stuff. He was on the run last we saw him. I hope there is a good explaination.

        • Dominique Hatcher

          With Ruffalo, they seem to be going even more for a more Bill Bixby feel. That’s what I’m getting from the images that”ve been released so far.

          • Juggernaut

            I can definately see the Bixby influence, which isn’t a bad thing, just, er, different?!?
            Hopefully they don’t lose the characterization that was built upon in TIH. While Norton was not a “team player” his contributions to the script and ability to portray Banner as a haunted but brillinat man were very well done. I can see the need to up the brilliant doctor side of things but hopefully they don’t stray too far from his man on the run, fugitive vibe that was so great in the Ed Norton movie.

  • Debo4735


    • Juggernaut

      The argument has been made that by dropping the bulkier suit and sliming down Cap may be more effective in combat, like Batman did in TDK. However, Evans’ dramatic change in physique was one of the selling points for me to believe him playing Cap. Hopefully the finished product is better than any of the set pics or even this EW cover shot.

  • Lexavi80

    So Mark Ruffalo is giving us… MAGNUM!!!!

    • Todd

      That was EXACTLY what I was thinking!

  • Anonymous

    And is everyone’s head pasted onto the bodies as well? And when did “Beauty and the Beast’s” Vincent take over the role of Thor?

    • Juggernaut

      LOL! He does look a bit odd! They nailed his look in THOR. There was really no need to change his look for this film.

      • Shazam!

        I’m not even sure that’s Hemsworth – it looks like David Hasselhoff!

        I just don’t get why Marvel lets these junk pics get to press! I would think they would have learned a thing or two from GL about the effects of negative press in fanboys. The reality is, outside of fanboys, this movie is going to appeal to pre-pubesent boys. It’s the uber geek-fest (which I’m very secure about!) – so why let images circuluate that are going to annoy your core?

        And on the whole Hulk commentary – I wonder if anyone at Marvel is putting two and two together that the reason the Hulk is a tough sell for audiences is because they keep changing the core of the character every time he pops up on screen. Who is Bruce Banner? Is he a scientist or a giant green human version of “The Littlest Hobo”? He is a guy with daddy issue or a truly tortured soul? Now they’re adding soap opera model into the mix? Get it together Marvel…

  • Juggernaut

    Lol! Hemsworth does look a bit odd. I don’t see the need to change things so drastically.
    I agree completely with Marvel’s handling of The Hulk. For the most part audiences seemed to have liked the Bill Bixby series. I liked it but it always lacked the gravitas of the comics. Then came the Ang Lee film. They tried to stray too far from the comics and the show. The Norton version of Banner/Hulk was my favorite so far. He had just enough of the cursed but brilliant doctor and man on the run to be engaging. The Hulk looked really cool. I also liked the Bixby series nostalgia. In my opinion letting Norton go, even if he was hard to work with, was a big mistake on Marvel’s part. Now there is another actor playing the character another way, directed by yet another director! Hopefully it turns out well.

    • Dominique Hatcher

      But you’ve gotta remember, in this film Banner isn’t as much a “Man on the Run” anymore. He becomes part of a team, and I think that’s going to be a big part of his arc here. Bill Bixby was the ORIGINAL MotR so I don’t think that gearing Ruffalo’s performance more towards that will have any effect on the characterization of Banner as a whole. You’ve gotta remember, even though it’s the same character, this isn’t Ed Norton. It’s the same arguement fans of Nolan’s Batman films used when rumors were circulating that somebody else would be cameoing as The Joker……even though there is somebody who can do an awesome interpretation of Ledger’s Joker (*cough*THE JOKER BLOGS*) nobody wanted to see it. Granted, Ruffalo and Whedon need to make sure that the basis of what Norton brought to the character is carried over but I don’t think they’re gonna have an issue with that.

      • Tin Hoang

        This is the point when Banner is able to maintain control of the hulk.

        They should have just used the Hulk’s mug in the shot. It’s the Hulk that we want and not really Bruce Banner. Wasn’t that the issue with the first two Hulk movies in the first place? Too much Banner and not enough Hulk!

        Anyway, at the moment, it just looks like regular people in costumes, instead of actual super heroes.

        • Juggernaut

          I agree completely with that last sentence. I get the fact that at the end of the day these are actors who are portraying characters in a movie, however, we want to see Ironman not RDJ, Hawkeye not Renner etc. Even a shot of Ruffalo as banner with the glowing green eyes wold have been cool.