The Avengers Cruises to $178 Million Overseas in 5 Days


The Avengers (2012) Movie Iron Man Mondo PosterThe Avengers are assembling overseas, and Marvel/Disney are probably smiling big grins right about now. The superhero team-up, the first of its kind on the big screen, has already grossed $178 million in just five days of release, with the film set to bow May 4th Stateside.

Latin and South America were particularly taken with the Joss Whedon film, giving the superhero flick a handful of highest opening weekend box office records in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Boliva. Parts of Asia where the film has already opened — including Hong King, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines — also contributed high weekend box office, with major territories Russia, Japan, and the gargantuan Mainland China market still on tap.

So how big does Marvel expect “The Avengers” to be in the long run? In a word, pretty damn big. The movie is already on track to be the biggest Marvel movie yet, with pre-release ticket sales surpassing all the previous Marvel movies combined. Yikes. What exactly does this mean? Probably that when you flock to the theaters to see “The Avengers” on May 4th, chances are it’s gonna be very crowded, and you best come early or else you’ll be stumbling around in the dark looking for seats.

When “The Avengers” drops this Friday, it will have almost no competition to speak of. Mind you, not that it would have mattered. Besides the Miley Cyrus teen drama “LOL” (not a bad bit of counter programming, this), the superhero team-up will be going up against a slew of films opening in limited release before trying to earn back their money on the VOD circuit, including Darren Bousman’s “Mother’s Day”, Nick Fury’s alter ego, Samuel L. Jackson’s new thriller “Meeting Evil”, and yet another Kate Hudson romcom, “A Little Bit of Heaven”. She knocks these out by the dozens.

So basically, yeah, no competition whatsoever.

Jeremy Renner and The Hulk in The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

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  • Eagle Eye

    It deserves all the praise it gets, the film is absolutely great!!!!

    Best CBM of all time!!!

    I saw it already because i’m in Europe:D!!!

  • LionHeart

    Crazy. Let the money train roll on, I want them to see this works commericially (Primarily) and critically, so there’s no doubt and they keep on plowing out new ones! Give me Doctor Strange!

  • justjoe

    Seen it 3 hours ago and LOVED it! Marvel + Whedon = great characterdriven, fun and actionpacked entertainment! Biggest cheers: Hulk smashing anything (and everyone)! :-)

  • Jmr092

    Saw the movie yesterday (im from Uruguay), and wow.. it was AMAZING, love it!

  • Jose Filion

    Damn I envy you guys!!! above!! They told me that captain america looks better on screen then on images is this true guys?

    • Lexavi80

      The Captain looks good on screen.

      • Dedpool

        See that’s what I figured. Most of the issues people have with the suit won’t even be noticeable when he’s in action, and the suit itself looks better in motion, than in stills. MAN I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!

        • Lexavi80

          Man, I an’t wait for you guys to see it too. I’l go again this Friday (now that I’m back to the states). I’ve wanted to see it again next day after I saw it for the first time, and the wait is killing me. The movie is so good and enjoyable!

    • Tab_0r

      The Captain looks good; you should be proud America.

  • Asdf

    Did anyone else notice the things flying in the background?

    • Lexavi80

      What things?

  • Tiyoymokring

    Its the Chitauris

  • Asdf

    Sweet! And Lexavi80, if you look above Hawkeyes left shoulder and the Hulks right elbow in the sky you should notice, which now I have been informed, the Chitauris.

    • Lexavi80

      Gotcah, gotcha! I didn’t knew what you were talking about at first.

      And yes, I know what the flying things are. I saw the film last week, and is AWESOME. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

      PS: There’s only one hidden scene after the main credits end. No scene after all the credits are over. Not sure on the american version though. I’ll have to watch it again this Friday.

      • Dedpool

        There is indeed two scenes in the US version. There is a mid credits and an after credits scene!

        • Lexavi80

          Yup! I just read about it. I’ll have to go and check it again.