The Avengers … The TV Show?


The Avengers (2012) Movie Character PosterAs of this writing, Marvel’s “The Avengers” has scored $1.46 billion smackeroos at the worldwide box office, and its upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release promises to add a few more smackeroos to that final number. With that kind of popularity, it’s no wonder Marvel is talking about a TV version of the movie with ABC.

Well, sort of.

It’s way early in the process right now, but apparently there have been talks, or, “conversation” between the movie studio and TV network ABC about possibly exploring an “The Avengers” TV series. But before you get too excited, there’s a huge caveat. Deadline says the project is “expected to be set in the [Avengers] universe and feature some of its themes and feel but may not include any characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster”.

Which, obviously, begs the question: what’s the point of an Avengers movie if it doesn’t involve any of the Avengers?

Well, the superheroes aren’t the only characters in “The Avengers”. Remember all those guys in slinky black uniforms? You know, those regular guys with guns? Yes, SHIELD. My guess is, if you’re going to do an “Avengers” TV show set in that universe and not have it star, say, Renner’s Hawkeye or Scarlett Johansson’s The Black Widow, it would probably have to follow the agents of SHIELD instead.

I could be wrong, of course, but that’s just my guess. Of course, Marvel has been trying to get a foothold in the live-action TV market for a while now, but nothing has really stuck. I’m not holding my breath for that “Hulk” TV show from Guillermo del Toro, either.

By the way, how much would I not mind a TV show based around SHIELD starring, oh, I don’t know, maybe Cobie Smulders? Tons. I wouldn’t mind tons.

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Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    I sincerely hope that this doesn’t come to fruition! First of all the reason that the Avengers film was such a success is the talent involved and the epic scale of the circumstances. They had been working up to an Avengers movie for years. It was a spectacle! To try an capture that on a weekly basis would be near impossible and take away a lot of the umph in my opinion. Same goes for the proposed Hulk series. There is quite simply too much of standard set by Marvel studios and their respective franchises to churn out sub-parr material for the sake of cashing in on the popularity of said endevors.

  • Juggernaut

    Okay, I’ve changed my mind. Lol. After some thought I think that if done right the idea may work and be an interesting way to bridge the gap between characters and films and introduce more of the team’s members without cluttering up solo films like they did in Ironman 2. Here is what I think they should to for the show:

    The series should start during the events of the film! While Loki and his invading army declare war on Earth a set of SHIELD agents (Ms. Marvel and Mockingbird preferably) are tasked with enlisting members for another mission. The first season could be the agents tracking down the members and convincing them to join. They could round up the likes of Luke Cage, Namor, Black Panther, Wonder Man and Sentry!!! In the middle of the first season and forward this team could battle some of the Avengers’ lesser known enemies throughout the course of the series. With some ties to the Marvel U and a changing roster from season to season.

    Now this would be a fantastic idea!

  • Dedpool

    It could work, but why not just call it S.H.I.E.L.D. the sreis. ANyway, until then I will be happy with my Avengers: EMH…until its over.

    • Juggernaut

      Because “SHIELD the series” doesn’t have as much notoriety as “The Avengers the series”!

      • Dedpool

        Oh piss on that! Just throw the obligatory, “From the Makers of the Avengers” on the title and boom you’ve got their attention. Then just make sure the show is good. I like your idea of bringing in some characters but I think using Namor or Sentry would be a bit much, but Cage and Iron Fist, Misty KNight and Colleen Wing, Sharon Carter, and Clay Quartermain would work.

        • Juggernaut

          The real problem is getting good actors and actresses to play the parts and having a production level that is on parr with the rest of the live action product that Marvel is putting out. It would be a huge step backwards if they delivered a half assed show for the sake of making a buck off of the film’s success. I could definately see the SHIELD presence being very heavy in the series, not that it’s a bad thing it would just bring down the cost of FX and all. I guess we’ll just wait and see. I’ll be watching!

          • Dedpool

            Bring back dude who played Sitwell, he’s good. And Actually played welll off Coulson in The Consultant so he’d be a given. But any more speculation before an official announcement is pretty fruitless. I’m hoping for the best.

  • Lexavi80

    Now that I think of it, is not a bad idea!

    They can make a cool 6 episode season introducing minor characters like Luke Cage and others.

  • Nick

    It doesn’t NEED any of those characters to be an avengers movie. I was reading the New Avengers ‘Depowered’ TPB today which had, iirc, Luke Cage, Spiderman, Spider woman, Moonstone, Wolverine, also CAP (but a Bucky version after Cap’s death) and Clint (not as Hawkeye though).

    With other non film avengers also usable, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Captain Britain, Hercules, VISION, Falcon, Ws Marvel, Wonder Man, Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Dr Strange, Dr Voodoo, The Sentry and I am sure I am forgetting plenty of others, there’s plenty of options