The Avengers Trailer Arrives Online Early! Well, Sort of.

Okay, so maybe it’s not Joss Whedon’s “Avengers” (there’s still a looooooong wait for that one), but you get the feeling this is exactly how a trailer for an “Avengers” movie made circa 1952 would look like. The faux trailer comes to you courtesy of “whoiseyevan”, who writes on his YouTube page:

I have always wanted to work with Marvel characters… in any capacity. Maybe I will someday. For now though, enjoy my little tribute to works of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Oh, here’s a fun thing to do… try and count all the characters and locations that are hidden within this trailer. Did anyone spot the Stan Lee cameo yet? I have a listing of all the Easter eggs in my next video. Excelsior!

While you’re at his YouTube channel, check out his equally cool 1950s-era trailers for “The Empire Strikes Back”, “The Ghostbusters”, and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. The man’s got some serious talent.