The Avengers Trailer — Sweded, Again

The Avengers Trailer Sweded

This isn’t the latest “Avengers” TV spot, though you might be mistaken and think that it is. It’s that well done. Okay, not really, but you know, I always go into these Sweded movie trailers thinking that they’re silly then come out being pretty damn impressed by them. I mean, hell, the time it took to assemble this thing together? You gotta respect that kind of dedication.

This is actually the second Sweded “Avengers” trailer by Bryan Harley and company, based on the second full trailer for the movie released a while back. You can find the Sweded version for the first one here.

The real “Avengers” assemble this Friday in theaters everywhere, but then again, you probably already know that, right?

(By the way, these guys also did one for “The Dark Knight Rises”.)

Here’s a shot-by-shot comparison of the original trailer and the Sweded version: