The Avengers Villains Revealed? Possibly. SPOILERS!


If you’ve been reading the site for any length of time now, you know that we’ve been speculating on which villains will be menacing planet Earth — a villain (or villains) so dastardly, so powerful, that he/she/they require the combined might of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk (not to mention the Black Widow, Hawkeye, and SHIELD) to stop. Through it all, one possibility has always surfaced, but for the sake of those who wishes not to be spoiled by this latest rumor, I caution you — SPOILERS AHOY!

Well, potential spoilers, anyway. But spoilers nevertheless.

According to the boys at AICN, Joss Whedon, the head honcho bringing “The Avengers” to the big screen, has shot a teaser trailer for “The Avengers” that will be tacked on to either “Thor” or “Captain America”, or possibly both. (I’m going with both. What would be the point of NOT including it in both?)

And who will be in that “Avengers” teaser trailer? According to AICN, with input from the boys at Latino Review, it will be Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who will, we’re told, “bring in The Skrulls”.

This is not a big surprise (if true). For the longest time, the Skrulls have always been the perfect villains for an Avengers movie. Who/what else could possibly unite such a formidable force, after all, but an intergalactic alien invasion by a super-powered alien race? Plus, alien invasion movies are in nowadays, doncha know, so there’s that, too. The inclusion of Loki as some kind of “behind the scenes” mastermind is a nice touch.

So what do you think? If this is true, would The Skrulls + Loki as villains in the first “Avengers” movie tickle your fancy?

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    It keeps true to History of the Avengers with Loki being the first Villain they faced. And the Skrulls are a nice touch. I’d watch it.

  • Dominique

    Hell yes. Especially if Whedon makes them look as badass as the image above, which I’m sure won’t be a problem.

  • 0ptik

    I’m not sure how they’ll include so much awesomeness in the spam of 2 hours. Unless they make the introductions and tie-ins in their respective movies (captain america and thor) maybe they’ll be able to. But in the avengers cartoon movies, the introductions are already made and we go straight in the action. This is the first, i’m wondering if we will be dissapointed and feel like it will end fast with an invasion on their hands.

    • 0ptik

      dont get me wrong, it will be epic.

  • 0ptik

    Man, i must say, i love that avengers poster. Good job whoever you are.

  • SmokinBandit

    I would rather they went the Ultimates route and had the Hulk go on a rampage to unite the team into stopping him, bur Skrulls is pretty good too. Really dig having Loki behind the scenes like he should be, pulling the strings as it where.

  • Juggernaut

    Sounds cool. They need an epic foe for the first one, the Skrulls are the best choice. I like the fact that they’re tying in Loki to the film too. He hasn’t gotten much play leading up to the Thor film. Along with Magneto and Dr. Doom, he was always one of my favorite villains growing up. That also sets up a possible showing of a line-up of the Masters Of Evil at some point! After CATFA, Thor and Ironman 3 they could do a M.O.E. with Red Skull, Loki, Mandarin and possibly The Leader from The Incredible Hulk! That would be awsome!!!

  • Dedpool

    I can dig it. I’d rather it have been Loki manipulating Hulk for the team to be brought together followed by an even bigger threat that Loki was using Hulk as a distraction from. Skrulls works too.

  • Ironfist fan# rogernator5000

    I know Loki started the avengers but for some reason I didn’t want that, but I know it is staying true to the comics, The skrulls come first then next will be ultron after being created by Hank Pymm, to try and help protect the facility (jail) from capturing all the skrulls, but then ultron goes bad, and Hank pymm feels it is all his fault and turns into ant-man, a character he made after helping the avengers with many technical difficulties, he thought that maybe he could be a hero and copying his wife janet Pymm who could go small. When Hank Pymm thinks about it the team only needs one shrinker and so he becomes giantman, and fights along side Thor and Hulk to take down Ultron, with Captain America controlling what happens behind the lines. Hawkeye will probably finish Ultron, while Ultron is on the ground, black widow attaches 2 of those balls of lighting around 2 of hawkeye’s bows and when he shoots it it sends out an electrifying blow to ultron cutting all his cercuitry, I’m just saying I made that all up on the spot because I wanted Giantman in it, but it could be a good idea

    • Juggernaut

      @Ironfist fan# rogernator5000 and @Dedpool, I could see all three scenarios fleshing out in the first two films of the franchise. In the first movie Loki could possibly do the Hulk control as a distraction earlier in the film, have the Avengers stop, capture and reform Banner, then have Loki’s master plan of unleashing the Skrulls take up the better half of the film. In the second installment, after setting up Pym and Janet in either the Avengers film or perhaps Ironman 3 where there is a scene of Hank crafting the Ultron prototype, Hank creates Ultron completely and has him being the guardian of whichever prison that they end up using in the film (The Raft, Seagate, The Cube, etc.). Either Loki or the Enchantress, since I’m sure Thor 2 will be out before Avengers 2 and most likely Enchantress will be in there at some capacity, can then possess Ultron and have him attack the Avengers. Setting up part three with my scenario of the Masters Of Evil!!! Awsome! We need to put this shiznit in motion! Lol.

      • Dedpool

        Yes Ultron is a must. I don’t know why they’re jumping into Skrulls when you can start smaller with Ultron then work your way up to invasion.

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        • Odinson

          I agree that Ultron is a must, but I’m thinking for the 2nd movie. Of course, if there is an Ultron story, it MUST also be about the Vision – the classic “even an android can cry” story would make an amazing movie.

          • Dedpool

            Yessir!! I think they should definitely plant the seeds for Ultron in the first movie. Hell if they’re set on doing the Krees and Skrulls, have Hank Pym creating Ultron as an assistant robot, but S.H.I.E.L.D. repurpose him for battle after the invasion, and then have him go rogue.

      • Dedpool