The Avengers vs. The Skrulls?

This is pretty old news (at least by Interwebs standards), and comes from CHUD, but I missed it when it was first published mid-week, so I’m catching up. Anyways, it has Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige answering a question about whether the villains in the upcoming “Avengers” movie might be those pesky alien invadin’ Skrulls that were recently the talk of the town in Marvel-land when they attempted yet another mega invasion of the Marvel U., only to be rebuff at the last second.

According to CHUD, while Feige doesn’t come out and say either way, he did make the statement that Yes, his studio does own the rights to the Skrull characters as a race, though not to the individual Super Skrull character, which apparently belongs to Twentieth Century Fox, the current right holders to the Fantastic Four.

The Skrulls would actually make for very cool villains, and is definitely a big enough threat that all the Marvel superheroes would have a reason to band together and form the Avengers in the first place. I would actually prefer the Skrulls over using the Hulk as a villain. While it would be fun to see Captain America, Thor, et al superpower duke it out with the Hulk, that might get old after a while. Watching them take on an army of Skrulls, on the other hand, could sustain an entire hour’s worth of action scenes.

Since “The Avengers” isn’t due in theaters by 2012, it’s all speculation, of course. But hey, you got something else better to do with your time?

Below: “Stupid Avengers! Hulk no bad guy! Fight alien ugly faces instead!”