The Bandito Brothers Gear up for High Speed

Directors Mouse McCoy and Scott Waugh in Act of Valor (2011) Movie ImageComing off the special forces mayhem of “Act of Valor”, the $12 million dollar film that they financed and shot themselves over a four-year period and is now poised to earn a pretty penny at the box office, the Bandito Brothers are moving on to the vehicular mayhem of “High Speed”, a movie about illegal street racing.

Scott Waugh (one of the Bandito Brothers, along with “Act of Valor” co-director Mouse McCoy and producers Max Leitman and Jay Pollak) will helm “High Speed” from a script by Greg Russo. The gutsy boys will once again raise the necessary funds themselves and shoot the movie on their own dime.

“High Speed” will follow “the best high-speed police pursuit drivers in the country, assembled as a unit to stop an elusive, high-end underground racing circuit hellbent on running deadly point-to-point races through major American Cities.”

Sounds like a cross between “The Fast and Furious” and “Death Race”.

If you’re a budding filmmaker, you can’t help but be inspired by what the Bandito Brothers are doing. With “Act of Valor”, they stand to make 50% of all profits (they’ve already made back $13 million when Relativity Media bought the film for distribution), which may end up being quite a bit if the movie is a hit. At this point, I’m not sure if the movie’s gung-ho, overt rah-rah themes will bring in the moviegoers. It’s always so hard to tell with these type of films.

“Act of Valor” opens next week on February 24th. Don’t be a pinko commie. Go see it.

Via : Deadline