The Bat Man of Shanghai Leaps Into Action in an Awesome Cartoon Network Short

Bat Man of Shanghai

Apparently last month as part of their DC Nation block of programming, Cartoon Network released three minute-ish shorts that introduced anime versions of Catwoman, Bane, and Batman set in 1930s Shanghai, China. The three segments were part of a short film called “Bat Man of Shanghai”, an Elseworlds type of storytelling, if you will. The network has since released all three spots, and someone took the time to merged all three into one three and a half minute short that you can now see in its entirely below. Check it out, check it outers.

In the first segment, a “mysterious, cat-like thief takes off with the Scroll of Destiny”, while Bane “bulks up and throws down” in the second spot, which is kinda amusing since it involves him spending a lot of time with a fat rickshaw passenger who keeps berating him for not going fast enough. The third and final segment finally introduces Bat Man, who is apparently some kind of supernatural superhero badass. Or some such.

Thanks to reader X for the heads up.