The Batman Sequel According to Caine

nolan-batman-3-1“There is nobody, there’s no script, there’s nothing,” Michael Caine told MTV News as he was promoting his new film “Harry Brown” at the Toronto International Film Festival. Also, if you close your eyes, there is no universe. Apparently unaware that negative confirmations don’t make for interesting news, he went on to say that: “It can’t possibly be made before 2011 because ‘Inception’ is such a big picture.”

It’s amazing that Nolan can dictate such terms at all. Warner Bros. execs must be queasy at the mere notion that they have to wait four or five years for a sequel to a billion dollar film without any inertia in between to sustain it. But people like Nolan work best when they’re off to their next creative endeavor and not necessarily to one that they’re obligated to perform. I also have to imagine that Heath Ledger’s death set him back: it was a mistake to kill the Joker in Burton’s “Batman”, and now they’re stuck in virtually the same position without an obvious villain to supplement the film. At this point all of the villains are either too campy or too obscure.

Michael Caine also told MTV that no one will confide in him any news about the film after last year’s Depp/Hoffman story, but he was quick to shoot down rumors once more. “Johnny Depp is great in anything, but there is no Johnny Depp in this Batman,” he smiled. “They tell me in no uncertain terms.”

Depp is a talented actor, but he’s also made a career out of playing quirky characters, and Nolan has proven that he’s better off with unconventional casting. Sean Penn recast as the Joker? (I don’t want to start any rumors, so I’ll stop now)