The Batman vs. Wolverine Movie You’ve Been Waiting For…

Batman vs. Wolverine Fanmade Film

Well, sort of.

Aaron and Sean Schoenke are the producers/directors of a series of fanmade short films that pits various superheroes from disparate franchises against one another. Basically, “The Deadliest Warrior” on a budget, but minus all those ridiculous comparisons like what would happen if a dude with a sword went up against a dude with a gun. Duh. In any case, “The Deadliest Warrior” has gotten incredibly dumb lately, so it’s about time someone replace them anyway. Here’s the official premise of Super Power Beat Down:

The concept of the SPBD web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every month we will release a new episode, where viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner. The show is hosted by Marisha Ray, with two debaters, Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl. Together they battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to see who they think the winner will be.

There are two versions of the videos, one with a “debating” segment that is kind of, er, pointless, so I’m only posting the version with the actual Wolverine vs. Batman duel.

Previous Super Power Beat Down battles include Darth Vader vs. Gandalf:

And, um, the rather odd Batmobile race. Not sure where the “Super Power” part comes in here, but anyways…

Via : CBM