The Blood and Broadswords Fly in First Trailer for Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood

Ironclad 2 Battle for Blood (2014) Movie Poster

“Ironclad” director Jonathan English apparently had such a blast chronicling the siege of an English castle by bad guys in the first movie that he’s decided to do it again in a sequel, “Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood.” It looks and feels like the same plot, with a bunch of new people gathered in a castle being attacked by crazy barbarian types. The only difference seems to be the first movie had Paul Giamatti and James Purefoy in the cast, and this time things look decidedly lower budgeted. On the plus side, “Ironclad: Battle for Blood” does feature two actresses from “Game of Thrones,” so there’s that.

Anyways, get your first look at the battle for the blood. It certainly looks like everyone gets their fill.

Travelling back to the dark, brutal past of 13-century England, IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD plunges us headlong into one of the most violent periods in English medieval history – a few good men fought against insurmountable odds to defend their country from bloodthirsty Celtic Tribes. IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD is the continuing story of honour and action and excitement. BLOOD WILL RUN.

Starring Michelle Fairley, Roxanne McKee, Tom Austen, Tom Rhys Harries, Rosie Day, David Caves, and Andy Beckwith.

Protecting UK cinemas this March 14th.

Ironclad 2 Battle for Blood (2014) Movie Poster