The Bodyguard Sequel Becomes a Bodyguard Reboot

We’ve known that Warner Bros. has been considering a sequel to the 1992 Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston movie “The Bodyguard” for some time now. Frankly, most people are shocked that a sequel was never made, or it’s taken this long to even entertain the idea of one. The original had massive appeal and cleaned up to the tune of $410 million worldwide, with over two-thirds of that total coming from foreign box office. That’s not to mention the mint everyone made off the movie’s soundtrack, which has sold 42 million copies worldwide.

Instead of a sequel that would catch up with former Secret Service bodyguard Frank Farmer (Costner) and his diva love interest Rachel Marron (Houston), though, Warner Bros. is looking to remake the original with an all-new cast and characters. Deadline reports that Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer have already been wired by WB to write the remake, with Dan Lin producing.

The remake will keep the bodyguard-singer dynamic, but instead of being a burnt out former Secret Service agent, the hero will be an Iraq War vet whose first gig is protecting a singer, a job made more difficult with today’s technology. After all, everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite celebrity nowadays can be found on the web, from gossip websites, tabloids, and the likes of TMZ exposing just about every little bit of information on a celebrity’s life. And then you have the celebs themselves voluntarily revealing everything on Twitter and Facebook, etc. Want to stalk a celeb in 2011? Hell, you can do it from your mom’s basement.

No actors are in place yet, but you can bet the leads will be much younger than Costner and Houston back in 1992. The idea is a sound one from a business standpoint — hire a gruff, capable, but “Twilight”-ish male lead, and get one of the gazillion teen pop princesses currently making a living on the charts. Pay as much attention to the music as the movie, and you’ve got a ready-made gold mine on your hands.

Hopefully, it’ll also be a decent movie.