The Bourne Legacy Continues — With or Without Matt Damon

Universal really, really wants to make another “Bourne” movie, and at this point, they might not care if franchise star Matt Damon or director Paul Greengrass (who directed the last two “Bourne” films) return. Of course, it would be more preferable if the duo did return, especially Damon, but with $944 million already in the bank from the three “Bourne” films, it’s going to take a killer meteorite impacting Hollywood to stop the studio from launching a fourth movie, and even that might not stop them.

To that end, the studio has hired Tony Gilroy (left) to write the fourth “Bourne” film, tentatively titled “Bourne Legacy”. The plan is for Gilroy to incorporate what he can from old drafts by Josh Zetumer and George Nolfi, and then write his own version. He will also write a “bible” for the franchise, which means Universal plans to keep this going well after the fourth part.

So will Damon return? He’s already said he won’t be back unless Greengrass is also back, but Greengrass seems to have grown tired of the franchise. Then again, anymore expensive bombs like “Green Zone” and Damon and Greengrass might not have much of a choice about returning for a fourth “Bourne” movie.

If all goes as planned, Universal will release the film by 2012.

Despite the title, Gilroy’s “Bourne Legacy” will not have anything to do with the novel of the same name by Eric Lustbader.

Matt Damon was eventually found in Iraq, dazed and confused.