The Box Office Wants to Knowing

When a Nicolas Cage movie without the words “national” or “treasure” in the title opens in #1 at the box office, it’s a cause for celebration in the Cage household, because let’s face it, ol Nic hasn’t seen a hit in a while now minus all that treasure hunting. That’s changed with Cage’s latest, the sci-fi thriller “Knowing”, which opened at first place over the weekend with just under $25 million.

The weekend’s other two new films fared differently, with the Paul Rudd comedy “I Love You, Man” landing in second with a very solid $18 million, while the supposedly star-powered spy comedy “Duplicity”, starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen barely cleared the $14 million mark. Not exactly great numbers for “Duplicity”, since Roberts’ salary alone probably cost more than the film’s weekend gross.

Last week’s #1, The Rock starrer “Race to Witch Mountain” fell to #4 with another $13 million, giving it a two-week total of $44 million. Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” continues to underperform at the box office, taking another $6.7 million in its third week for a 3-week total of just under $100 million.

Here’s how the box office broke down over the weekend:

1 ——Knowing —— $24,814,000 ——$24,814,000
2 ——I Love You, Man ——$18,005,000 ——$18,005,000
3 ——Duplicity ——$14,402,000 ——$14,402,000
4 ——Race to Witch Mountain ——$13,004,000 —— $44,715,000
5 ——Watchmen ——$6,725,000 ——$98,065,000
6 ——The Last House on the Left (2009) ——$5,921,000——$24,047,000
7 ——Taken ——$4,100,000 ——$133,139,000
8 ——Slumdog Millionaire ——$2,700,000 ——$137,202,000
9 ——Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail ——$2,510,000 ——$87,208,000
10 ——Coraline ——$2,143,000 ——$72,803,000