The Boys and Girls are Back in New Explosive Strike Back Season 3 Trailer

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back Season 3

The boys would be Sullivan Stapleton (who is about to blow up when he stars in “300: Rise of an Empire” next year) and Philip Winchester, who, well, you probably have no idea who he is unless you’re a “Strike Back” fan. The girls would be Rhona Mitra, who joined the action-packed Cinemax show last year, and the always shamefully underused Michelle Lukes, who, hopefully, will have a lot more to do this year.

Season 3 finds the gang in South America dealing with baddies, as per usual. Which is a nice change of pace. The last two years have been Middle Eastern terrorists and that was getting a little old, though there were some cool African jaunts in Season 2. (Note: I’m calling this Season 3 because that’s the official designation Stateside; this is actually the show’s fourth season, with Season 1 starring another pair of leading man, including “The Walking Dead’s” Andrew Lincoln.)

Anyhoo. Season 3 of “Strike Back” returns this August 9th on Cinemax. Check out an action-packed (and dare I say, quite sexy, thus the age-gate) new trailer for the upcoming season. A lot of explosions and skin in this one minute spot, just like all you “Strike Back” fans out there like it!