The Cabin In The Woods Is Finally Granted A Release Date

You knew it was going to happen eventually, but Lionsgate has finally release date for the Joss Whedon produced, Drew Goddard directed horror flick “The Cabin in the Woods”. The two also co-wrote the film. Originally scheduled for release in the fall of 2009, “Cabin” was pulled so it could be converted to 3D, and ultimately became a casualty of MGM’s financial woes, languishing in distribution limbo.

With Whedon’s fanboy following, and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, in the cast, it was only a matter of time before the film found its way into theaters. You will have to wait a little bit longer, however, the date in question is April 13th, 2012. That’s Friday the 13th for those of you keeping score.

THOR’s Chris Hemsworth stars as a young professional who visits a quaint cabin in the woods with a group of friends and ends up scratching the surface of something so massive and horrific that they can only begin to fathom it as time quickly runs out.

“This is a movie that operates on many levels, and it works gloriously on every one of them,” said Joe Drake. “There is intense fan anticipation for this film, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver what we’re sure will be a major zeitgeist movie and an instant horror classic- and on a Friday the 13th no less.”

Added Constantine, “Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard are two filmmakers who I have long admired, and it’s an honor and a delight to be in business with them. They’ve made an incredibly terrifying, mind-blowing movie that simultaneously celebrates and innovates the genre that they both know and love so well.”

Said Goddard, “Lionsgate’s passion and enthusiasm for our movie has been so overwhelming, I had to go back and make sure we didn’t accidentally screen The Godfather for them. Fortunately, we did not. We couldn’t be happier at our new home.”

In addition to Hemsworth, the cast includes Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchinson, Amy Acker, and Brian J. White.

I guess next spring we’ll see if “The Cabin in the Woods” was worth the wait.