The ‘Caine’ Mutiny: Dispensing Justice as Harry Brown

harry-brownThere has been a recent emergence of aging action heroes (Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford) who dispense justice in a world that has inevitably passed them by, leaving them as petrified wood. In “Harry Brown”, Michael Caine makes for about the most unlikely 76-year-old vigilante ever – perhaps he was excited by some prurient lust for vigilante violence after playing butler Alfred to Christian Bale’s Batman. Caine stars as an ex-marine who placates a desire for street justice after the death of a close friend.

The trailer of “Harry Brown”, which you can see below, looks like it checks off just about all cliches of rogue law that have been explored countless times in other films like “Death Wish”. It’s unclear whether there will be a modicum of innovation, or whether it will work as a solid action venture, but amongst some circles it’s certainly been getting dogged (Daily Film Dose, NOW) at the Toronto International Film Festival, while others (Times Online) have been somewhat more favorable.

“Harry Brown” is directed by Daniel Barber, who last adapted the Elmore Leonard short “The Tonto Woman”, which earned an Academy Aware nomination. It is being released in the UK on November 13th, 2009.  A US release date has not been announced.