The Canceled Avengers Game Confirms What We Already Know


The Avengers SNES GameAccording to the boys at Topless Robot, this is actual footage from a game that was supposed to be based on Joss Whedon’s upcoming “The Avengers” movie, but has since been canceled by the developer, THQ.

The real kicker? It’s the first comic book game I’ve seen yet that allows you play the character in first-person mode. That’s something you didn’t get from the “Marvel Alliance” games, though after looking at the footage, I’m not sure if playing as the Hulk running around pounding on bad guys would have been all that fun. Sometimes there’s a reason games get canceled…

And oh yeah, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the footage pretty much reveals the identity of the villains. So, if this game was supposed to be a tie-in to the Whedon movie, than the bad guys here would also be the bad guys in “The Avengers”. Or not. Movie tie-in games that divert greatly from the movie they’re supposed to be tying into is nothing new, after all.

Whedon’s “The Avengers” assembles May 4, 2012.

Who knows, once the movie comes out, maybe they will finish up the game?

Author: Nix

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  • X_p

    that Hulk footage looks awesome! you mean you dont wanna grab those alien doods and rip them apart with Hulk strength from 1st person? what exactly isn’t fun about that?

    • Nix

      It just doesn’t look … right. Even as Iron Man. Dunno.

      • X_p

        really? i was kinda digging it and saddened a lil bit i wouldnt get to try it. Cus like you say its never been done before. I was really liking how iron mans fists looked when he was flying too. idk tho it coulda been really bad as movie based games are usually stinkers so you may be right.

  • LionHeart

    Third time I’ve missed this footage, but every time I hear “first person” I cringe. Why would you make a superhero game in first person? Unless it solely involves you playing as like Hawkeye or Punisher or something, I can’t see this ever being an idea anyone should have.

    • Nix

      Added a new version. If it’s gone again, just go to YouTube and search “canceled avengers game” and you should get a recently uploaded copy.

  • Shazam!

    Gee, is someone bitter about their game getting canned? Something tells me these guys won’t be getting a call from Marvel anytime soon with them leaking what could be the look of the Skrulls in the movie.

  • Dominique Hatcher

    Looks pretty badass. Makes me even more excited for the movie :)

  • Eagle Eye

    I would really have loved to see some Hawkeye or Black WIdow gameplay footage!!

  • Dedpool

    See I liked it but wasnt really feeling the 1st person view. Though I could see switching to it from time to time. I prefer a 3rd person view for my actioners. Also this couldn’t have been based on the movie really or at least its current incarnation because it has the X-men super skrull and Fox has those rights. Looks more like a Secret Invasion multiplayer (possibly online) actioner. Halo but with Avengers.

  • 0ptik

    Did anyone else notice them having 2 hulks? was this supposed to be a MMO?

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would follow through but it does look off. For me, the idea of the hands and forearms always in view seems weird. I understand it they are holding a weapon but just have the hands float out there looks odd.

  • Thehulkman

    Please tell me that just for pc cuz that sucked I hope they make a better one