The Candidates to Direct James Bond 22 Are…

I have to admit, I liked the last Bond film much more than I thought I would. Okay, so after napping through two previous Bond movies, and just barely managing to stay up during “Die Another Day” (thank you Halle Berry in a bikini!), I was flabbergasted that I actually sat through all of “Casino Royale” without nodding off once. So yes, as the kids say, I’m psyche to see Bond 22, whatever it is they end up calling it, and of course I’m curious who will be directing Daniel Craig’s latest outing as Bond. The folks at LatinoReview has some candidates, and being reasonably plugged into the studio system, one of these guys they list will probably end up directing the movie. And the candidates are…

Marc Forster, Tony Scott, Alex Proyas, and Jonathan Mostow.

Quite a list there. I can see Scott and Mostow, two veteran action directors doing it, but Marc Forster (“Monster’s Ball”) would be a surprise. But even more of a surprise is Alex Proyas’ name. Proyas, the director of the brilliant “Dark City”, is one of my favorite directors, but I just don’t see him doing a Bond movie.

But hey, regardless of whoever ends up directing Bond 22, let’s have more of this:

And less of this:

Shall we?