The Cast of The Walking Dead Looks Ahead to Season 3

Laurie Holden in The Walking Dead - Beside the Dying Fire

The cast and crew of “The Walking Dead” took time off from basking in the success of Season 2, not to mention record ratings for the Season 2 finale, to discuss what they expect is coming in the new season. In particular, what awaits their individual characters. According to Andrew Lincoln, who plays uber badass Rick, you can expect a more rough and tumble and dangerous Rick. Or as Lincoln puts it, Rick gets even more badass. I honestly don’t know how that’s possible, but I’m gonna give the man leeway on this one. Or as Steven Yuen (Glenn) puts it, “Bonkers”.

What do we know about Season 3 (without going into too many spoilers)? The prison, as seen at the end of the finale, will be the survivors’ new home, now that Hershel’s farm has gone up in flames. We will also get two new major characters — Michonne, the death-dealing swordswoman, to be played by Danai Gurira, and The Governor, to be played by David Morrissey, who will be giving the show what it’s never had before: a Big Bad.

Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” commences walking in the Fall of 2012. Until then, here’s where the cast thinks their characters will be headed. Or knows where they’re going, perhaps, since the Season 3 scripts have been in the works since January of this year.