The Chinese Visual Festival 2011 Begins June 30th in London

With over 1.3 billion people in the nation of China, you have think there are some interesting stories to tell, right? Like students taught to recite Shakespeare, a family trying to pay for their son’s college expenses, or what it’s like to be a Chinese kindergarten student over the course of one year. These stories and 7 other documentaries, along with an photographic exhibition, explores the previously unseen lives of Chinese citizens, and will be featured at the 2001 Chinese Visual Festival, starting June 30th and running through July 15th in London, UK.

The Chinese Visual Festival is a twin art festival dedicated to promoting Chinese independent documentary making partnering 13 short documentaries shown at Birkbeck and South Bank Universities with a video art and photographic exhibition entitled Lost in Transformation at 17 Dorset Square, Marylebone.

Both exhibition and film tell untold stories with unknown faces looking at the life of children, economic recession, industrial work and the Chinese love of Shakespeare. The exhibition Lost in Transformation joins the documentary films in presenting unique perspective and the images and videos talk back to the documentaries in agreeing or disagreeing voices.

Head over to the Festival’s official page for more information, full schedule, and tickets.

Chinese Visual Festival 2011 from Jingjing Xie on Vimeo.