The Comedian Joins the Fight in Red Dawn Remake

I don’t think Jeffrey Dean Morgan can not be a badass, that’s how badass the man is. He was a demon-fighting badass in TV’s best show, Supernatural, a crime-fighting badass in Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen”, and he’s an ex-CIA badass in the upcoming “The Losers”. Now he’s in negotiations (which basically means it’s 90% done) to slip on the badass suit once again for the “Red Dawn” remake. What I’m trying to say is, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty badass, and if you don’t know, you best recognize.

Variety says Morgan will be playing a Special Forces commander who joins the American resistance behind enemy lines in the homeland invasion remake. In this case, the resistance essentially consists of an Iraqi war vet and a bunch of high school kids (“Wolverines!”) doing hit-and-run attacks on the enemy. Morgan will essentially be playing the Powers Boothe character from the 1984 original, though he will apparently not have to eject from a plummeting plane.

The “Red Dawn” remake is currently shooting under the direction of Dan Bradley, and stars future “Thor” Chris Hemsworth as the Iraqi War vet, Adrianne Palecki (Friday Night Lights) as his love interest, and Josh Peck as his little brother, a high school football star who, along with other high school kids, must flee into the mountains after the homeland is invaded by Russian and Chinese forces.

The invasion begins in theaters September 24, 2010.

The Comedian says -- eat led, Russkies! You, too, Chinese people.

The Comedian says -- eat led, Russkies! You, too, Chinese people.