The Conan O’Brien vs. NBC Saga Produces Late Night Comedy Gold

So you may have heard: NBC wants to move Jay Leno back to his old “Tonight Show” timeslot and push Conan O’Brien, who is actually hosting “Tonight Show” back to, well, his old “Late Night” spot. Basically, while they’re still giving Conan the “Tonight Show” gig, at this point it’s just in name only, since without the timeslot it’s basically the “Late Show” with a new name. That wasn’t exactly what Conan was expecting when he remained on NBC all those years, with the promise of finally, after all these years of toiling away at late night, getting the “Tonight Show” gig. Well as you may have heard, Conan isn’t gonna take that sitting down. Here’s his reply to the hullabaloo, and the other late night comedians piling on. So yeah, it’s getting pretty nasty out there, so keep the children and old people at home, you don’t wanna get in the middle of this little fecal storm. Word is, Conan may be jumping ship from the sinking vessel to help launch FOX’s latest foray into late-night.