The Conjuring’s Creepy Doll Annabelle Gets its Own Poster and Trailer

Annabelle (2014) Movie Banner Poster

You know that creepy doll from that hit horror flick “The Conjuring”? Well, it’s got its own origin movie from director John Leonetti, and just in time for this Halloween, too. Well, Halloween-ish.

The film stars Annabelle Wallis. No, really. There isn’t a lot on the film’s plot, but expect a lot of crazy doll moments and crazy people doing crazy stuff. It looks like a moderately budgeted sequel, which isn’t a surprise since these films are designed to snag high returns on investments.

The full cast includes the aforementioned Annabelle Wallis, along with Alfre Woodard, Ward Horton, Tony Amendola, Eric Ladin, and Brian Howe.

The doll strikes this October 3rd.

Annabelle (2014) Movie Poster