The Crow Reboot Script: Good, Bad, or Just Dumb?


The Crow Comic Book by James O'Barr

Now that “The Crow” reboot seems to have found its leading man in Luke Evans (or so it seems, but like most things involving with this reboot, that could very well change in a few weeks or months from now), what exactly will currently attached director F. Javier Gutiérrez be dealing with?

In a review of the current script for the upcoming reboot, Latino-Review breaks down what they think works and doesn’t work about the script.


First up, the two love birds are named Eric Draven and Shelly, like in the original 1994 movie starring Brandon Lee. The set-up is pretty much the same, with the lovebirds being murdered, and the man, Draven, resurrected by the titular Crow into, well, the titular Crow, I guess. This, I think, is also in line with the original comics by James O. Barr.

But that’s where the similarities end.

In this remake, Draven is a cop. A very good, bible-quoting cop, apparently. The two are murdered on the side of the road, where Draven was proposing to Shelly. It seems a crime kingpin doesn’t like how Draven is snooping around his business and decides to cap his ass.

Enter: The Crow.

You can hear the review of the script and more details for yourself below. Among other things, the Crow is now invisible (or something), and puts on the “crow” make-up and black clothes so he can “see” himself in mirrors. Or something. I’m frankly not sure. It all sounds very unnecessary and more than a little silly.

But of course, that doesn’t mean this is the script they’ll be using. As previously reported, the producers are pushing the start date on their reboot to early 2014, when Evans can be ready to shoot. That’s a long way from here to there, and a lot of things can happen/change in those times.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Okay. I like how they took the murder back to the roadside as in the comics. Him being a cop makes this almost generic, but whatever. It will makethe connection to Albercht (if he’s still in it) easier but I liked the cop who couldn’t let the case go cause it was so tragic. The idea of Eric and Shelly being friends from childhood and then getting engaged and dying actually makes it MORE tragic and sells the soul mates thing even better. As for some of the other stuff well, I just don’t know. i guess it’s all in the execution. It’d be interesting if they’re saying he can’t see himself but others can, just not as he was before he died. I actually think the Crow should be invisible, and they should put the chracter of the Skull Cowboy in as his guide.

  • Tin Tin

    Eric Draven is NOT a cop… Crows are NOT invisible. This is pissing on the memory of Brandon Lee and the work he did. Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of children.The Crow should be sacred and not twisted like these fucks. Just remember, there’s no coming back….but if this movie has to be made, it can’t rain all the time. Man I feel like a little worm on a big fuckin hook.

    • jfletch

      Isn’t it more pissing on James O’Barr?

      • Jesse Cole

        I don’t think James O’Barr phazes anyone bro, obviously there guna do the film with or without him!J

  • jhill

    They must not remake the the movie, period. I hope everyone that is involved in the film dies horrible deaths. The original movie is a timeless piece of art. You will never be able to do with the part what Brandon Lee did with the part, and to have a damn limey play the title character is a slap in the face of Brandon Lee!!! I will not spend any money on this remake and wish I could do everything in my power to not have this film made. I’m so sick and tired of these remakes, come up with your own stories and movie ideas and stop remaking timeless classics, enough is enough.

    • Dedpool

      Calm down fanboy! LOL I’m a huge Crow fan, but as much as I love the movie, it really isn’t the best film. Cult Classic yes, timeless classic not so much. It’s a great film nonetheless and I agree Eric Draven’s story shouldn’t be retold for a second time since “Stairway to heaven” was actually a pretty decent show. But Brandon Lee was not the end all be all for the Crow. And Evans is a much better actor than Brandon Lee was. But there was the comic that inspired it all first. ANd like regular literature comics are already in reboot, remake phase. Amazing Spiderman was much better in my opinion than Raimi’s Spiderman, and “Man of Steel” looks to be better than all but the most iconic moments from the original Superman and Superman 2. So save the hate for something deserving like bullies, racism, antisemitism, and all the other issues plaguing this world. or just don’t see the movie. lol

  • bungholio

    this has NOPE written all over it