The Cube and the Dolph Tangle in Action-Packed One in the Chamber Trailer

Dolph Lundgren in One in the Chamber (2012) Movie Image

What do you get when you put Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dolph Lundgren in the same movie? A slam-bang action movie! Or, at least, this trailer for the duo’s “One in the Chamber” looks pretty slam-bang action-y to me. Check out the trailer for director Will Kaufman’s “One in the Chamber”, which finds Gooding Jr. and Lundgren playing opposing assassins that end up on the same job. You know, that old story. If I had a penny for everytime some hitman tries to muscle in on my action, well, then I probably wouldn’t need to kill people for money.

In Prague, two skilled assassins make themselves available for hire to the Mafia. However, when one assassin, Carver (Gooding) takes a job with a gang he was once hired to eliminate, it launches into an all-out mob war where survival is about as certain as the number of bullets left in the clip. To make things worse, another assassin (Lundgren) has been hired to take out Carver and the result will make the streets run red. As Carver battles with his inner demons as well as his very real enemies, ONE IN THE CHAMBER doesn’t let up until the very last man goes down.

“One in the Chamber” co-stars Billy Murray, Louis Mandylor, Leo Gregory, Claudia Bassols, and Lia Sinchevici.

The film arrives on Blu-ray combo pack and DVD August 21st, 2012. Special features include audio commentary with director Will Kaufman.