The CW Confirms That The Flash Will Appear in 3 Episodes of Arrow Season 2


Stephen Amell in ARROW

I guess the producers of the CW’s “Arrow” should be proud that they managed to keep superpowers off the show for at least one season. Season 2, though, will be a very different show, with Barry Allen aka The Flash set to make his debut in the CW-verse.

The CW and “Arrow” producers/writers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns officially revealed to press over at the network’s TCA that The Flash (in the guise of “everyman” Barry Allen) will indeed appear in three episodes of “Arrow” Season 2 before embarking on his very own show.

The Flash Comic Book Cover Those episodes will be #8, #9, and for a final time before getting his own spin-off show, episode #20. I suspect episodes #8 and #9 will be a two-parter, where The Flash gets his powers, then he returns in #20. And yes, he will have powers. This won’t just be some guy who runs fast. At least, I hope not. Why do a Flash show if you’re not going to give him powers?

According to Kreisberg:

[The Flash] will be as grounded and realistic as possible. That’s how we’ll get to know him. Then his life will get a bit faster.

Since the No Powers rule seems to have now gone out the window, I wonder if this will effect the appearance of the recently Black Canary, Green Arrow’s major love interest in the comics. Since in the comics, the character has superpowers, while her beau Green Arrow doesn’t.

In any case, it appears the CW is totally committed to a “Flash” TV series, unlike how they can’t seem to get a Wonder Woman beyond the scripting stages. They’re really going to have to limit his powers, though, because I just don’t see how you can do 22-episodes a year where the Flash fights villains that shoot freezing rays, throws boomerangs, and what, he had a talking gorilla too, right? Yeah. Those are some pretty awful villains right there. Whereas the Arrow can just keep fighting criminals, when you’re the Flash, you sort of need to fight something bigger.

And also, how will this affect that “Flash” movie Warner Bros. was rumored to be doing after the Superman/Batman team-up? Or maybe not at all. After all, Warner did have a “Smallville” TV show running for the longest time, and never bothered to connect him to the movie Superman.

Justice League by Alex Ross

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  • TotesMagotes

    Please let Arrow get an upgraded suit in season 2… I mean come on the guy’s a millionaire and he’s still wearing a janky homemade suit sloppy green paint on his face…. Even just a mask over his eyes would be a huge improvement.

    • Shankar Ramóne Athreiya

      Totes magotes, the reason his outfit is so old school and tattery is exactly because of that, you think if he has a custom upgraded expensive suit using his wealth police won’t be able to track it back to him? The paint around his eyes is to mask his facial characteristics and make his face have a dark shadow around it, wearing a mask is also impractical for an archer. Which if you did archery would know. An archer anchors the bowstring to the corner of his mouth. Wearing a mask would mean it would be hard to anchor the bowstring, and even if he did,there’s a chance something might get caught from the mask on the bowstring and ultimately pull his mask off.

      • Dedpool

        Sadly all that archer logic will probably go out the window, jus tlike the no powers rule. He’ll probably end up updating the suit a bit, but not to the “Smallville” level, and he will most likely start wearing a mask or at least some kind of eye wear.

      • TotesMagotes

        Oliver Queen is not much different from Bruce Wayne…. He gets all his tech from Wayne Enterprises (At least he does in the films) and no one suspects he’s Batman…. so why can’t that work for Oliver Queen? And I didn’t say he needs a mask over his face, just a thing covering his eyes.. that would not affect his archer abilities.

        • Dedpool

          Probably getting this this season.

  • JasOn Vu

    it just trial and error, they want to see what kick and what doesn’t .

  • Dedpool

    This should be interesting. if they go the route they’ve been going we’ll meet Barry as a regular person first and then he’ll get his powers, and we’re off to the races.
    As for the Flash show, it can be done. They need to build organically though. Have him stopping regular crime, and because of his abilities crime has to evolve, hence the use of special technology. The show would have a very sci-fi/tech base to build off of. Add in the CSI element to it and some actual mystery as to who’s doing these new crimes and you could have a serious show on your hands.