The CW Delays Their Wonder Woman TV Show for Next Season


Wonder Woman Comic BookWhat’s an Amazonian Princess gotta do to get some love on TVland?

I don’t know, but she’s gonna have to wait another season to even get her second shot at TV glory because trade news has the CW, the latest home for Princess Diana’s new show, being rolled over to next season instead of this coming pilot season.

The show, titled “Amazon”, was moving pretty quickly toward making its debut sometime this season, with casting for the lead already under way even with the pilot script still being written.

So what’s happened since?

Turns out, the show “needed more time”, according to CW sources, even though it’s still “a high priority” for the network, who are looking to pair up their superhero show “Arrow” with a fellow D.C. character. “Amazon” would fit the bill nicely as a weekly two-fer, even though Wonder Woman would be superpowered, while “Arrow” has always maintained a strict no-powers approach to its character and his world.

As you’ll recall, NBC was the last network to attempt a Wonder Woman show. That David E. Kelley version even shot a pilot that has yet to see the light of day, starring “Friday Night Light’s” Adrianne Palicki.

We’ll have to wait and see how far the CW’s version gets … next season.

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Author: Nix

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  • Hedrick Curtis

    I saw a review of the NBC version that these guy somehow got ahold of. It was very very bad..

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Do we really want to watch this?

  • Dedpool

    This is good news actually, a rush job would’ve definitely resulted in bad results.

  • X_p

    that pilot was as strong as the halle berry catwoman film. TURRIBLE… just turrible… this is a tough show to pull off cus well… it needs to be pc, but whats pc about a tall hot chick kicking butt in a swimsuit? so she needs to be cool enough for girls to not hate her and great enough that guys cant go without watching and then the whole rope of truth thing is just silly as well. I rather they set up another character like the canary or the huntress or something.

  • Juggernaut

    Whew! That was a close one. This thing should be shelved…permanently.
    I’m going off on a tangemnt now…
    WW is not a character for TV. She just isn’t. Especially with DC/WB developing a JL film in the near future. Having concurrent itterations of their characters in both TV and film. I remember having an issue with that when Superman Returns and Smallville was on too. And if they aren’t going to use the same actor/actress for the role in both I just don’t understand why they need to do a TV version in the first place. I suppose it can be forgiven but it still urks me. Save the small screen for other, lesser known characters.
    WW, like Superman and Batman, should be reserved for films. As much as I enjoy Arrow for what it is I would never buy Stephen Ammell side by side with Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds and the other likely heavy hitters that will be in the movie cast. Same went for Tom Welling. He was a great Superman in my opinion but even he was passed up for another choice when the studio decided to do a big screen adaptation. I’m just saying.

    End tangent.

    • Dedpool

      See I don’t mind the whole TV and movie thing. As for WW I think a show could be done but it’d have to be different than stuff that has come before. I actually thought up a premise where like “Arrow” we’d have flashbacks often accecpt that they would be to a time when Diana was a fierce warrior for the Amazons, I’d have her basically be the reincarnation of their greatest warrior, but she doesn’t have the memories, just the skills. So as she’s learning about “Man’s world” she’s having these experiences that envoke memories she’d lost. So we’d get part Xena part modern day WW.

  • Prncassius

    Here’s the thing I noticed while perusing the rundown for this show… it’s not actually even Wonder Woman… the lead character’s name is Iris not Diana, she’s not from Themiscyra but some backwater third world nation somewhere in eastern Europe, probably near the Caucuses. And nothing I have read has really stated that she will have powers. CW has been very careful not to use the words WONDER WOMAN in their actual detail press releases. That’s one of the reasons the show is called “Amazon.” Another is probably so that if rumors of a WW movie do become true CW can say “Well, our show isn’t Wonder Woman.”

    • Prncassius

      Scratch that part about the name. Apparently Geoff Johns did reveal that “Iris” was a code name they were using for early drafts and that they will be using the name Diana. Still, the details seem to be remaining hazily indistinct enough to allow for deniability should a movie take place.

  • Sarah

    the CW Network should call TOM WELLING as the star of a new show because at the end of the CW’s Smallville has lost many viewers in fact the result is always negative. No actor CW has the charm and charisma of TOM WELLING!

    • Juggernaut

      I’d like to see in Tom Welling show up as Superman in a later season of Arrow! That would be sweet!!!

      • Dedpool

        That’d be an interesting way to end the show. Have Welling show up as Superman and invite him into the League.

  • Juggernaut

    Then Welling and Ammell could have a “Handsome off”! Lol.

  • Margot

    Hope to see Tom Welling in a new show in a new different role of Superman. Tom should have the villain would be super good, please do not speak more than Tom as Superman He needs new experiences for this reason TW took a break.