The CW Gets Into the Zombie TV Business with Awakening


It used to be I would go out of my way to avoid the CW network, the same way some people avoid that creepy old house down the block, or that creepy old uncle who likes to make you sit in his lap on the Holidays. Not so much nowadays. The network’s got a couple of shows that I watch regularly — “Supernatural” and “Nikita”. Every now and then I will tune into “Smallville” just to get a good laugh. Honestly, that show is just so campy and badly acted/written, it’s hilarious.

All that is to say, I might have to add a third show to my CW viewing schedule, now that the network known for its teen-friendly shows about teens (played 20/30-something actors, natch) has made a last-minute pick-up of a new zombie drama called “Awakening” from Canadian writers William Laurin and Glenn Davis, the same people behind “The Listener”.

The plot of the show will follow “two sisters who come of age and face off against one another amidst the beginning of a zombie uprising.”

Okay, not too thrilled about the “coming of age” part, which makes me think there is going to be a lot of teen angsty bullshit that the CW loves to wallow in so much, but love the “zombie uprising” part. Hopefully one will cancel out the other. Or, even better, eat the other to death and just get on with the zombie uprising.

'Next stop: angsty teen girls versus zombies. All aboard!'

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    Let the carbon coping begin. Teen angsty drama/w zombies??!!

  • Dedpool

    This screams failure!!! The problem is once something as epic as a zombie uprising starts, crap like teen angst means nothing next to survival. Enemies become allies, people rely on instincts and no one really cares if you’re the prettiest person anymore. This is just stupid!!

    • Brent

      I don’t know, I always thought 90210 would have been way better with an occasional zombie incursion. I mean imagine, you’re going through puberty, trying your hardest to get some cute girl to let you touch her boob, and when you’re almost there, bam, zombie eats your girlfriend. This has potential to be entertaining in a way they never intended.

      • Dedpool

        Lmao. Only if they do it like that. Have it like hit the town but it takes a day or so for it to be full grown. The popular girl comes in after being bitten and spreads the whole thing. Lol

        • Brent

          The only way this will be any good is if they just go nuts with it, but sadly, we all know that they won’t. Now that Walking Dead is a hit, they’re going to try to make it all serious and ruin a perfectly good opportunity to do something really fun. Sigh.