The CW is Considering a Battle Royale TV Series. No, Really.

Battle Royale (2000) Movie Image

So, once upon a time, there was this Japanese movie called “Battle Royale” from 2000 that pretty much everyone who has ever dared call himself an Asian movie fan has seen, and it’s a movie that the recent hit “The Hunger Games” has been compared to. Cause, well, they’re kinda the same in a lot of ways, though with some big differences. Suzanne Collins, who wrote the “Hunger Games” trilogy of books, claims to have never seen “Battle Royale”. Hmm, okay, we’ll take her word for it, I guess.

Battle Royale (2000) Movie PosterSo, moving on. Before “The Hunger Games” hit it big, Hollywood had been trying to remake “Battle Royale” for a while, but after the success of “Games”, essentially gave up on the idea. (Heck, I think they pretty much gave up even before “Games” was released.) In fact, it was only recently that “Battle Royale” was finally released on DVD/Blu-ray in the States. If you thought kids killing kids in “Games” was a bit much to take, “Battle Royale’s” version of kids killing kids will give parents nightmares.

Fast-forward to today, which finds this rather curious news that the CW Network (home of “Supernatural”, “Gossip Girl”, and “90210”) and the producers of the would-be remake (including the infamous Roy Lee, who has never seen an Asian movie he didn’t want to remake) are talking about developing a TV series based on “Battle Royale”. This, of course, is in addition to the CW already having in development a “Hunger Games”-esque show called “The Selection”, which had since been tossed back into development hell by the network.

Word is, there are just “discussions” ongoing between Lee (along with fellow producer Neal Moritz) and the network, and that nothing has come off it. Yet.

Don’t dismiss this offhand. The CW has done very well with TV versions of well-tread genres. Consider their “The Vampire Diaries”. Or their upcoming “Arrow”. With the right TV producer onboard, they could turn a “Battle Royale” TV show into something familiar, and yet just different enough to work on the small screen.

Of course, it’s entirely possible nothing will come from this, in which case, all of the above is moot.

Via : LATimes