The CW is Taking its Turn at a Wonder Woman TV Series


Wonder Woman by Alex RossAs you’ll recall, NBC previously went into the Wonder Woman on TV business with that lawyer TV show creating guy David E. Kelley, but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out. Which was a shame, since the show starred Adrianne Palicki of “Friday Night Lights” fame, as well as the upcoming “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”, not to mention the “Red Dawn” remake. She’s purty. A script was written, the show cast, and a pilot shot — but never aired. Though I hear if you look hard enough online, you might be able to find it.

Strike one for Wonder Woman.

Turns out, NBC’s failure to move ahead with a “Wonder Woman” TV series is not going to stop the CW from taking a shot at bringing the Amazon Princess back to TV in live-action form. With their “Arrow”, the Green Arrow superhero show on the way (and from early reviews, it’s a hit with critics), it appears the CW is doubling down on D.C. superheroes on their network. You can’t really blame them. They had tremendous success with “Smallville”, the Superman origins show that ran for 10 seasons.

And “Smallville”, it seems, will be where the CW’s version of Wonder Woman will be getting much of her inspiration from. Vulture reports that Allan Heinberg (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “The O.C.”) is already writing a script for a potential series that is going under the working title of “Amazon”. Like “Smallville”, “Amazon” will “focus on Wonder Woman as a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty.”

Although Heinberg has written mostly sappy girl-centric soaps for TV, he’s also had a stint as a writer on Marvel’s “Young Avengers” comic book, so I guess he knows his way around a comic book story or two.

The CW is partnering up with Warner Bros. TV, and DC Comics on this, but it’s still just in the pilot scripting stage, and the show itself has not been greenlit. My guess is, once “Arrow” hits the mark, Wonder Woman should be online pretty soon.

And oh, apparently she’s shagging Superman in the comic books now or something. At least, until D.C. sees that their comic book sales are going down and decides to “reboot” their universe again. Hey, it worked once on you suckers already…

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  • Bad Zack

    i like it !!!!

  • Curtis Andrew Hedrick

    this bodes not well with me, I couldn’t stand what they did with Smallville. If they just want to show her training and growing, fine. But Wonder Woman lived on a remote Island surrounded by nothing but women and knew only peace in her youth. Just like with Smallville they are going to have to rip apart the mythos to add interesting conflict. As for WW and Supes being an item now, it makes perfect sense they would get together, they had a chemistry for years and as far as I can tell their sales are out doing Marvel since they launched new 52. I don’t care for the new 52 much myself but ww/supes pairing is fine. I’m sure that they’re building up to his relationship to lois to bring hos humanity into play.

    • Juggernaut

      Kevin Smith called it in Mallrats, Kal-El is ready to settle down and start a family. Knowing that only Wonder Woman’s super DNA would be able to take his super-load and only her Amazonian womb could carry his child, he finally ditched Lois and got with Diana. Makes total sense!

      • Curtis Andrew Hedrick

        except within the new 52 he’s never been with lois

  • kraven

    lets just forget this whole WW thing and lock in Scarlett for a Black Widow tv series.

    • Juggernaut

      Now that would be interesting.
      In my opinion, the only reason to use TV to showcase any comic book characters would be for one of three reasons;

      1) It’s a new, lesser known character (Moon Knight, Jessica Jones, Blue Beetle) with a smaller following that could grow into itself and become a film later.

      2) If they have already been established and could use the medium to futrther that characters story (like Black Widow, Hawkeye, Robin, Catwoman).


      3) they are a darker, grittier, more violent anti-hero type and need the freedom of a Cable channel (like Punisher, Ghost Rider, Venom, Luke Cage, Lobo, Firestorm).

      other thatn these scenarios they should be given a proper traetment for a major motion picture.

      • Dedpool

        A Nightwing show would rock!!! So would a Catwoman show, outside of Gotham!

        Would love a Cage tv show

  • Dedpool

    I can see this working. But here’s where they need to mix it up. WW doesn’t have the greatest rogues gallery outside of Greek Mythology. So they should definitely have that aspect in there. I would love them to have it like the Gods have basically intergated themselves into society. Aphrodite is like a love/sex columnist and author, Zues is a business mogul, Ares works for the military and has some shady under the table deals going on (leading to Steve Trevor meeting Diana), Athena is a prominent historian and teacher, etc. Then have some of them be the cause of the creation of people like Cheetah, Silver Swan, SIlver Banshee, etc.

    • Curtis Andrew Hedrick

      Isnt there a comic series or book series that has done that….

      • Dedpool

        Kinda. It’s coming out now, but the DCnU is kind of doing it as well with their current WW comic, excpet they haven’t really tried to integrate fully. It’s kinda wierd.

        • Curtis Andrew Hedrick

          oh yea athena, I remember Linkara Bitching about it

    • Juggernaut

      I really like those ideas.

    • alexis

      sounds like percy jackson…


    Hey, let’s get Jodi Lynne Okeefe in that suit now!!!!!

  • Ramon Ayala

    One other thing Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana wasn’t born the natural way but created by her mom the Queen of the she’s also Inmortal.I would to see another Wonder Woman series & they should bring the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter to reprise her role to train a new Wondergirl cause the last one was her suster who’s now grown up.