The CW Releases Posters for Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Reign, and The Originals

The CW network has released new posters for four of their upcoming shows, including “Arrow” Season 2 and the debut seasons of their period drama “Reign”, “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off “The Originals”, and the sci-fi/superhero show “The Tomorrow People”.

I don’t expect “Reign” to last, but “The Originals” should stay awhile, if just off the popularity of “The Vampire Diaries”. And then there’s “The Tomorrow People”, which looks like “X-Men” crossed with every other teen high school show the network has done. Hopefully I’m wrong on that and there won’t be too many episodes featuring 20-something actors running around high school hallways.

The CW’s got a ton of new shows coming this year, so you should expect more posters soon.

Arrow Season 2 Poster

The Originals Season 1 Poster

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Poster

Reign Season 1 Poster