The CW Renews Nikita for a Second Season

If it feels like we’re posting a heck of a lot of TV stuff this week, that’s probably because we are. Way more than usual, actually. If you’re wondering why, it’s simple: this is the time where the major networks are doing their media upfronts, and presenting their new shows and making official cancellations/renewals of current shows. That means lots of news and lots of fresh videos and images.

One of those shows getting a new season pick-up is the CW’s “Nikita”, starring Maggie Q. as a former Government agent who turns on her masters. The show has had a pretty solid first season, and all bets were leaning towards renewal. It just took the network today to make it official.

Gotta admit, I really didn’t know how “Nikita” was going to maintain its pace throughout its first season. I was pretty sure it would try desperately to maintain its status quo for as long as possible — Nikita foiling Division’s plans, Alex helping Nikita out while trying not to get caught, Michael chasing Nikita while at the same time suffocating his feelings for her, etc. Repeat and rinse for one, two, maybe even three seasons.

Turns out, it went like that only for half a season, but then the producers actually mixed it all up in the second half. If you’ve been watching TV for as long as I have, then you realize what a novel idea this is. Before season’s end, Michael and Nikita were actively working together, sleeping together, and Alex was pretty much out of Division’s clutches.

How’s that for a launchpad to Season 2!