The CW’s Arrow Finally Gets a Proper Sidekick in Next Week’s Episode

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in Arrow

It looks like the CW’s “Arrow” is finally getting his Speedy. (Sort of.) With the revelation that Roy has become superpowered thanks to the miracle drug, it’s now up to Arrow to teach the kid how to harness his abilities so he doesn’t, you know, go around town punching people’s brains in. (Though I have to wonder why everyone’s so down about a serial killer who goes around slicing up prostitutes, but maybe that’s just me.) Giving the sidekick superpowers, and thus making him potentially more of a superhero than the main hero, is an interesting twist.

Next week’s episode of “Arrow,” titled “Tremors,” does exactly that:

Arrow offers to train Roy so he can learn to control his newfound super-strength. However, Roy is a rebellious student and refuses to listen unless Arrow reveals his true identity, which Oliver refuses to do. Meanwhile, the Bronze Tiger escapes from prison and steals Malcolm’s earthquake machine to sell to the highest bidder. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity attempt to stop the transfer, but Roy gets in the way, putting everyone in danger. Laurel is disbarred and spirals out of control. Moira is thrilled when Walter asks her to dinner, but his reason surprises her. Thea encourages her mother to ask Walter to reconcile.

Guy Bee directs from a script by the show’s creators/producers, Marc Guggenheim and Drew Z. Greenberg.

Meanwhile, “Arrow” star Stephen Amell says he’s not talking with Warner Bros. about parlaying his TV Arrow role into a movie role in the upcoming “Justice League.” The star blasted reporters who took his comments out of context via his Facebook page, and makes it clear that, “At no point, have I had “studio level” discussions about any feature films at Warner Bros.”

So there you go.