The Dark City Boys Re-Team for Paradise Lost


Paradise Lost Book Cover“Dark City” is, easily, the most underappreciated film of Alex Proyas’ career. It’s the best comic book movie ever made that isn’t based on a comic book movie. The ending is pure awesome, and I would kill for a sequel. Alas, we probably will never get a sequel.

Unless, of course, “Dark City” star Rufus Sewell and director Proyas find that they really, really like working together on “Paradise Lost”, which Sewell has just joined the cast of, and decide, “Hey, let’s make another movie together! How about that ‘Dark City’ sequel!” And yes, if they could get Jennifer Connelly back, that would be nice, too.

Hey, hope springs eternal.

Anyways, Sewell has officially joined the cast of Proyas’ “Paradise Lost”, his big-budget, action epic sorta-kinda based on the John Milton poem about angels battling over us puny humans. Sewell will play Sammael, and joins a cast that already includes Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker, Dominic Purcell, and Casey Affleck as warring angels.

Also in the cast are Camilla Belle, Callan McAuliffe, Djimon Hounsou, and Sam Reid.

Rufus Sewell in Dark City (1998) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • baddog

    You are spot on about “Dark City” being unapreciated. One of my all time favorite movies. Connelly was so hot.

  • X_p

    i hope my hope against a dark city sequel being made beats your hope of a sequel being made cus as great as that movie is, i rather hold it in underappreciated glory than commercialized ruined sequel that shoulda never happened category. im excited for this new movie tho.

  • Dedpool

    The question is where would you even go with a sequel to “Dark City”? It doesn’t exactly end on a note that makes for an accesible sequel. As for “Paradise Lost” this movie is really shaping up to have a good cast. I really hope it stays true to the epic poem, and yet still expands on the story as well. I wonder who Sewel is playing. Please don’t say Adam.

  • Sindnyg

    Sewell will play Sammael.

    • Dedpool

      I can see it!

      Sent on the go!