Norton and Pitt Re-Teams, Buck Rogers Movie, The Dark Knight and Watchmen Set Pics

State of Play: Ed Norton and Brad Pitt has re-team, but unfortunately it’s not for “Fight Club 2” as we’ve all been waiting (or was that just me?), and instead it’s for the political thriller “State of Play”.

Norton will play a congressman whose speedy political rise is threatened by an investigation into the death of his mistress. Pitt plays a politico-turned-journalist whose relationship with the solon is compromised when he oversees his newspaper’s investigation into the murder and develops a relationship with the pol’s estranged wife.

You know, standard Washington stuff.

It’s based on a British mini-series of the same name and Kevin Macdonald (“The Last King of Scotland”) will direct from a script by Matthew Michael Carnahan.


Buck Rogers: Yes, it’s absolutely true. Buck Rogers and the 25th century is about to come to a big screen near you. Okay, maybe “about” isn’t the right word. It may come to a big screen near you if a producer gets his way.

Moviehole has the details:

Former “Buck Rogers” star Erin Gray revealed that her series is the latest in a long line of classic TV properties about to get the silver screen treatment.

According to Gray — who some may also remember from the ill-fated “Jason Goes to Hell” — “a producer who already has a few comic book movies under his belt that is working on acquiring the Buck Rogers license, so that he can go forward with a “reinvisioned” full feature movie of that franchise.”

Too bad Erin Gray won’t be able to fit into that outfit anymore…


Watchmen: Pictures from the set of the in-production comic book movie. Looks…setty.



The Dark Knight: Cars go CRAAAAAASH!!! on the set of Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” according to these pictures.