The Dark Knight Footage SPOILERS

The Dark Knight Footage SPOILERSFor some strange reason, Warner Bros. was curiously absent from the recent San Diego Comic Con except for a minor (and not all that interesting) attempt at viral marketing. Apparently they were saving their bullets for the recent comics convention held in Chicago (where the Dark Knight is currently shooting, as “coincidence” would have it), where the cast and crew showed up with some spanking new footage from the movie. In attendance were Chris Nolan (writer/director), his brother Jonathan (writer), Christian Bale (he plays somebody called Bruce Wayne), Aaron Eckhart (Gotham DA, Harvey Dent), Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon) and David Goyer (co-writer). Here’s a description of what was shown (and what wasn’t):

Rumour had it that Eckhart’s Dent, who famously becomes Two-Face (arguably the guy who ranks two on the list of Bat-nemeses), wouldn’t do so until the third Batman movie. Yet there are now indications that he will do so in The Dark Knight: at the end of the footage presentation, there’s a shot of a 50 cent piece spinning in the air, while a shocked barman says to a barely-glimpsed and possibly disfigured Dent, “I heard you were dead!” to which Dent replies, “Half.”…

“¢ Then Eckhart, who apparently played up to the crowd, appeared on stage covering half his face in a theatrical fashion, although he evaded direct questions about Two-Face.

“¢ Heath Ledger’s The Joker, who will be the main villain of The Dark Knight, appeared in all his psychopathic glory for the first time in the footage, with greasy green hair and, at times, his trademark purple suit. He’s seen being thrown around a room by Batman, being interrogated by Gordon in a police cell while sporting a bloodied face (if he gets arrested, that would play into the rumoured origin of Two-Face during a court-room scene), and walking down a street with a machine gun, shooting anything that moves. Oh, and he also laughs maniacally. A lot.

“¢ There were also glimpses of Batman in both his souped-up Batmobile, and his new Batpod (effectively the Bat-cycle), while there was also a brief look at Bruce Wayne talking to Harvey Dent.

“¢ In the Q&A, the Nolans indicated that the movie will follow their previous collaborations — The Prestige, Memento, Batman Begins — by unfolding in a non-chronological fashion.

I just hope Nolan is smart enough to avoid all the pitfalls of other directors doing third installments of comic book franchise — by stuffing the third part with as many villains as possible. Nolan, PLEASE be smarter than that…

The Dark Knight Footage SPOILERS