The Dark Knight Quickies: Edison Chen, Michael Bay, and Trailers

From all the advance reviews we’ve read on Christopher Nolan’s second outing as helmer of the Dark Knight, “The Dark Knight” will either be the greatest comic book movie ever made, or one of the most hyped. Knowing the Internets, it could be either/or. In today’s roundtable of “Dark Knight”-related news, we’ll start with the movies that will be showing up in front of it, namely the trailers. It’s been confirmed by Comingsoon, after weeks of rumor, that “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” and “Watchmen” will indeed premiere their trailers in front of Nolan’s movie, thus guaranteeing them, possibly, the biggest trailer debuts since, well, ever, maybe. And oh yeah, you can add Ridley Scott’s terrorism flick “Body of Lies” (with Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe) into the mix of trailers making their debut in front of the Knight, too.


On another “Dark Knight” frontal — er, I mean, front — it appears Hong Kong scandal-ridden actor Edison Chen’s cameo in the film (with none other than Morgan Freeman) has not been cut out of the movie after all. At least according to Variety‘s Asian arm. Way to go, Edison. Now try not to put out any revealing pictures of yourself and Morgan. I don’ think the world can handle that, and let’s face it, you don’t need more scandals.


Finally, did you ever wonder what would have happened if Michael Bay had gotten hits mitts on “The Dark Knight” instead of Christopher Nolan? As it turns out, the king of stuff blowing up actually did write a script and sent it over to Warner Bros. for consideration. Sort of. got their hands on a couple of pages from Bay’s script. Here’s one of those pages:

Michael BAy's Dark Knight Script