The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Gets Cleaned Up Audio, Still Wants to Kill You

Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie ImageOr at least, according to Collider, who heard from someone who knows someone works at an IMAX theater that Christopher Nolan and the Warner Bros. suits have shipped a new, cleaner audio track for their 7-minute “The Dark Knight Rises” prologue that have been playing in front of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’s” IMAX screenings.

As you’ll recall, the biggest issue with Bane wasn’t that he wasn’t tall enough, or big enough, or threatening enough, but that, well, barely anyone could understand what he was saying underneath that mask of his. This has been a universal complaint about both the prologue and the trailer, and for a while there, it seemed like Nolan was going to play the diva card and not work with the rest of the universe to help us understand his villain.

According to Collider, the new audio track for the prologue doesn’t actually involve “tuning” Bane’s dialogue to help us easier understand him (Nolan has already said he has no intention of redoing Bane’s dialogue), but rather tweaking the background noise to make the villain’s dialogue more pronounce and easier to hear.

Note that we’re only talking about the prologue, which takes place inside a roaring plane. But I suspect the same method could, and probably has been used for the rest of the movie. Why wouldn’t they, after all?

Update: Warner is calling shenanigans on the Collider report and says it’s not true.