The Dark Knight Rises Evilly Plans to Exploit Wall Street Occupiers


Christian Bale as BatmanChristopher Nolan, you are an evil, evil man. With shooting on his “The Dark Knight Rises” set to move to New York soon (it’s currently shooting in Los Angeles), Nolan is said to be planning to make use of the current Occupy Wall Street hullabaloo — in particular, the crowd — as part of his movie.

Of course, the irony here is delicious. The basis of the Occupy Wall Street protest is blaming everything including the rain in Spain and the rising price of rice in China on the 1%, aka the wealthy 1% in the United States. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, would easily fit into that particular niche. Not to mention, of course, Nolan and every actor in the cast, but shhhh!!! don’t tell them that! Then you have this big, gigantic Hollywood studio movie that probably gets a ton of tax breaks just for shooting in various cities, and well, you can sort of conclude that making life easier and cheaper for Nolan and company’s film is probably not the purpose of the folks sleeping in bags and not showering regularly.

In any case, the LATimes thinks Nolan will simply be “using the protests as a backdrop or a stand-in for something that already exists in the film.”

Essentially, he’ll be exploiting the protestors as cheap labor, aka free extras for the movie’s crowd scene. They could then digitize out all the real protest signs and swap in ones against, say, Batman or Gotham City, etc. Orchestrating fake crowd scenes cost money and time, you know. Why not just go ahead and use the ones already there? Brilliant!

I would love to see how many of these protestors “get” that they’re being exploited by a big corporation, and how many run around bragging that they were in “The Dark Knight Rises”. As you can see from the video below, we’re not exactly talking about a bunch of geniuses here, you know…

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    May be my favorite news item of the last week or so.

  • Zeroshot

    hey if it works,who wouldnt want to be in the new Batman movie whilst protesting? its win win.

  • Aa31987

    I can wait for this movie but if any protestors get involved in this it defeats the purpose of them protesting. Its not a win win. This dumbass who wrote this article doesnt have a clue as to what they’re protesting for its for the fact that of Americans cant get jobs becuz no matter what skills they have, people are getting laid off left and right and people cant afford to keep their house becuz they cant afford the raises in their mortage and the list goes. This is fucked up.

    • imrickjames

      You don’t have a clue what your talking about. People are getting laid off because companies are shutting down due to the market being bad or have to relocate plants and factories in order to stay profitable or else they close and even more people lose their jobs. The greed that everyone is referring to is one that everyone is responsible for, you want your goods at the cheapest rate possible? well it has to cost less to make them, you want the large house with the sports cars and nice close? well the bank lent you money it actually didn’t have and when it caught up the whole system crashed. As shown in the clip, which I doubt you even watched, it is clear all these people don’t know what they are doing. They just want to complain about what they don’t understand and figured wall street was the place to go because people that work there have money (which they don’t). And mortgages didn’t go up fool your housing market crashed, why do you think Canadians are buying houses in Florida, Arizona and Vegas left right and center. The reality is that Wall Street is just as screwed as the people protesting on the street, do you even know how many people in wall street got laid off and will be laid off in the coming year?