The Dark Knight Rises Plot Revealed? SPOILERS!


If true, this certainly makes a whole lot of sense. Not only from a storyline perspective, but also from the POV of Christopher Nolan directing his last Batman film, or so he claims. (How big of a brink truck you got, Warner Bros.?) In any case, all the below should be considered as SPOILERS for the time being, since I suppose the official plot will come out soon enough. Until then, though, SPOILERS AHOY!

So, according to the boys at Badass Digest (a site run by Devin Faraci of CHUD, so the guy does have sources), Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” would see the return of …

The League of Shadows.

The site also reveals that Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle will indeed don the Catwoman suit, but that by the end of the movie she will cease to become a villain and will instead become something of an ally to the Cape Crusader. I smell love at first sight. Or lust. Or claws.

Since the League of Shadows is back, that means Talia Al Ghul will also show up as the movie’s main villain. Besides those cool ninja guys from the League, Talia (played by Marion Cotillard, perhaps?) will be bringing along her main henchman/possible love interest in Bane (Tom Hardy), as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who may or may not be playing The Black Mask.

Again, this makes perfect sense, if true. As Nolan’s last movie, bringing it all back to the League of Shadows and the Al Ghul bloodline is a nice cap to his run on the franchise.

What say you?

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    I know its out of the question but I really want a Lazarus pit in here somewhere (just a visual of it). Maybe a man in bandages recovering in the background of a room that she Talia walks out of (But thats all you get). Just as a nod to the fans. It would affect nothing and not mean anything to anyone except fans who would understand the figure in the back room.

    Ive been wondering how they were going to work bane into this and this is the best way Ive heard…

    • Dedpool

      Thats an awesome idea and very much inline with my wishes. As for how Bane works into this, its almost like somebody read my mind cause this is aalmost exactly what I came up with, and Ulik and Juggernaut and I were working around. It just makes sense. My version didnt have Catwoman yet, but pretty damned close.

    • Juggernaut

      Absolutely! I’d love to see a Lazarus pit scene. Before Hardy was announced to be playing Bane, I was of the opinion that he’d make an awsome, younger version of Al Ghul post Lazarus pit. That would have been awsome. Either that or him as Hugo Strange to play off of the Batman task force angle. However, I like this direction. Having Talia (hopefully the Marion Cottilard rumor is true since she played such a great femme fatale in Inception) brought in to conclude the trilogy is an awsome way to bring the story full circle.
      Bane as the head assasin would work very well. I wasn’t quite sure how they’d incorporate the Venom drug into the scenario anyway. Having him just be a physically imposing assasin and potential one time head the class of Rah’s’ League Of Shadows would work very well.
      A back story of Talia and Bane’s relationship and Rah’s molding a younger Bane would be a sweet flashback and great set up.
      As for Catwoman, the only way that I could see her fitting is as a sabateur going after the now nearly defunct Falcone crime family for revenge on her deadbeat Dad Carmine. She dons the cown similar to Batman’s outfit to both deter retaliation and cloak herself. However that is a bit conflicting since Batman is being hunted by the GCPD and in that aspect, she’d be more of a target. Anyway… I was sure that if Gordon-Levitt was cast it would be in a different role than Black Mask. The mention of Black Mask however is very cool. I’d still like to see him as Dr. Hugo Strange or Alberto Falcone or a surprise casting as The Riddler (I know that was shot down and there is already enough story and characters going on but it would still be awsome!). Those are just my ramblings and geekdom coming out. Hopefully this is as awsome as I hope it will be.

      • Dedpool

        I do believe JGL IS playing Alberto Falcone, and not Black Mask, which would set up your story perfectly. And btw Tom Hardy as a young Ra’s is BRILLIANT!!!

        • Juggernaut

          Thanks man. I really liked the potential of that idea. But Im’ sure Nolan’s vison will be epic.

  • B-Flash

    Again until confirmed I wont believe the hype.

  • OK Records

    While I enjoyed The Dark Knight, I was never all that thrilled with Batman Begins. I never really felt that Nolan tapped into the vast “universe” that the Batman legacy had to offer, and because of that, the potential of the “series” was never where it could have been.

  • Ulik

    I think that JGL will either be Dick Grayson or The Riddler. With this being Nolan’s last movie, it makes more sense that Dick Grayson should make an appearance.

    • Dedpool

      To a point however introducing a major character like that at what could be the end of a franchise doesn’t make much sense to me. Nor does either of those characters fit into a story with the existing characters that doesn’t become convoluted and crazy

      • Ulik

        Yeah, I see what you mean but Falcone isn’t a strong enough character, maybe Black Mask would work.

        • Dedpool

          Yeah, and he could work into the story. What if Nolan mixed Alberto Falcone with Black Mask. He’s not using Holiday or the Long Halloween storyline, so make it Alberto Falcone is secretly Black Mask. He was always told to stay out of the family business so he created a new name for himself.

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          • Juggernaut

            There you go again, stealing my thoughts Inception style! Lol. I was thinking that same scenario a little while after I read thearticle on JGL playing Black Mask and the report last week of him supposedly playing Falcone. If they do it it would be awsome!!! However, some Batman Extremists (I am a purist there is a difference), may revolt at the idea of straying from the material. I think that Nolan also may not do this scenario for that exact reason. I’d really like to see it though.
            The more I think about this being the last of Nolan’s Batman films the more optomistic I am of a next wave of films by another, equally talented writer/director, taking over. There are still a lot of other characters (Riddler, Hush, Dr. Hugo Strange, Black Mask…y’know if he isn’t included in this one)that I’d like to see on the big screen in a Nolan-esque setting (because obviously any Batman films that come after will most likely adopt the gritty,darker take). There is so much left to do with these films. Limiting them to three movies specifically because Nolan is leaving is a bit short sited. Obviously Bale, Caine and Freeman would have to return for it top work though.

          • Dedpool

            But Nolan already made changes with Ra’s/Ducard/etc, so the Falcone/Black Mask thing isn’t too farfetched plus it can actually fit into the story, but all is well as long as Nolan is on bard. As for the future of the franchise I dunno, as Bale and Caine said they wouldn’t be back when Nolan left, not sure about Freeman. they are the glue of this franchise, as well as Gary Oldman.

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          • Juggernaut

            @Dedpool, You are 100% right. Nolan did roll Ducard and Rah’s into one character, with great results by the way, in Begins. He tweaked certain storylines in both previous films too that worked out well. I’m not saying that it can’t or won’t be done, I just don’t see it happening. Like Ulik said though since he may not be using The Long Halloween and Calander Killer angle with alberto maybe putting Black Mask in there would fit. I’m all for that scenario! Also, while I’d like to see the entire cast and crew return for another go around (Bale, Caine, Freeman and Oldman, with Nolan directing and Goyer and the other Nolan writing) it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. I can’t see WB and DC dropping their most lucrative film franchises just because a director wants to stop making them. For that matter I can’t see them dropping because of Bale and company not returning either. They’ll either recast the roles and pick up from where TDKR left off or wait one or two years and reboot the character with a new cast and premise (the wiser of the two in my opinion). Hopefully they’ll bring Nolan’s Batman back for part four but probably not. In a perfect world Nolan would do Batman movies and Favreau would go tit for tat with Ironman movies forever!!! Lol.

    • Juggernaut

      If they include Dick at all it should only be in an easter egg capacity (having a newspaper headline read by Bruce, or another character in the film, reading; “Flying Graysons die in accident only young son survives.” or something like that. As for The Riddler, sad to say but I think the nail is in the coffin on that idea. I mean a scene of him as a side character or an easter egg would be cool. However, Batman has so many villains beloved by the fans that leaving any of his rogues gallery out would piss someone off. Nolan always seems to keep these films streamlined as far as giving his characters room to breathe. I think that while we want to see all of the batman universe realized on film being that Nolan is leaving the series after this film. While we all want to see everything crammed in it may make a worse film. We just have to hope that this is a good film and ends Nolan’s trilogy on a high note.

  • Theagent0fgod

    I don’t like the idea of the league of shadows coming back in any shape. That said I think Bane should be some kind of crazed headhunter who arrives in Gotham with the idea that he will capture or worst humiliate the now wanted fugitive Batman.

  • rj

    JGL is Jason Todd aka Nightwing, and he rescues Bruce Wayne.