The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer is Online

“The Simpsons” just opened this Friday (yesterday), so that means everyone who saw the yellow buggers have seen “The Dark Knight” teaser trailer attached to it. As expected, it’s simply a Teaser Trailer, and shows NOTHING from the movie except — sound clips? Yup, just sound clips. There’s the Batman logo, a Joker playing card flying at the screen via CGI, and the Joker’s laugh ends it all. In-between, we get a conversation between Batman and Alfred, about how the Mob won’t go down, and now they’ve hired a crazed madman to save them — i.e. the Joker. The Teaser Trailer is below for your viewing pleasure.

By the way, remember that Teaser Trailer description not long ago? Apparently someone made that bugger up. Oh well, such is the Internet.

“The Dark Knight” Teaser Trailer: