The Dark Knight Update: Badpod in Action, Teaser Trailer Description

A couple of groovy little “The Dark Knight” updates for you this fine Monday morning. First, you can watch a video of Batman’s Bat-Pod in action here, and over at SuperheroHype, someone has sent in a description of “The Dark Knight” teaser trailer that will show in front of “The Simpsons” movie. It’s nothing major or great or Earth-shattering, and as I predicted (and is the case with all teaser trailers), this one could have been cut from raw footages from an unfinished movie. Anyways, head below to read what you’ll see in the teaser trailer:

I have seen The Dark Knight Teaser. I don’t want to reveal everything…

It starts out with the WB logo gracing the screen, followed by the DC logo and the Legendary pictures logo. The screen goes black.

It opens back up as a commercial paid for by the friends of Harvey Dent. We are shown shots of him talking, making public speeches, and walking in a suit, while a deep voice comes on and talks about Harvey Dent. A generic politician commercial.

What seems to be halfway through the commercial, it is interrupted by static, and blacks out. Out of nowhere a crystal clear image comes onto the screen of a blacked out man with large windows behind him. The camera slowly zooms in on him. He’s talking (about what I won’t say) and as he finishes he begins laughing. Lightning strikes, lighting up his face, as the laughter grows more manic. Cut to black.

The Batman Begins (now The Dark Knight’s bat) emblem is shown with the words The Dark Knight. Then it says Summer 2008 and has the website at the bottom.

What is said… is a surprise that I must keep for now. It gave me chills.

Wow, it gave him “chills”. The dude is easily chilled, I’d say.

In any case, expect the trailer to hit the web as soon as “The Simpsons” opens on Friday, either by Warner Bros. (if you’re smart, they’ll time it right) or by someone with a camera phone. Either way, we’ll see it for ourselves on Friday.

It appears we’ll get our fill of Heath Ledger as the Joker…