The Dark Knight Viral Campaign is a Real Ball

Eh, you know how I feel about viral marketing. The first couple of fake sites/clues is interesting, but after that it’s laborious work keeping up with them. Luckily there are sites out there willing to go through the hoops for our sake. “The Dark Knight” is the latest movie to push the viral angle harder than Britney Spears trying to fit into bobby socks from her “Oops I Did It Again” days. The latest “Dark Knight” viral site is a travel agency apparently run by The Joker that sends people to various places to pick up swag. Empire landed some bowling balls, and directions to more sites. Or something. My eyes glossed over after Cinematical described the first couple of sites, which invariably leads you to another site, which… You get the idea.

Here’s that bowling ball from Empire. Huh. I guess that’s better than clicking randomly on some viral site, right? At least you can use this one.

Dark Knight Bowling Ball

Meanwhile, Cinematical‘s got your breakdown of all the “Dark Knight” viral shenanigans. Head over there to check it out to waste a couple of hours on the computer.