The Dark Knight Wants an Oscar

Talk about hype! “The Dark Knight” was probably the most hyped movie coming into theaters, and now that it’s gone and is about to hit DVD, the hype is starting all over again. Except this time Batman isn’t trying to garner support to take down the Joker, it’s to win himself some hardware — as in, Oscars. Warner Bros. apparently also thinks they have a good chance, because they’ll be re-releasing the movie into theaters early next year, just to get some extra buzz for their little movie. Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” has already earned $996.1 million worldwide. With the planned re-release in January, the hope is to break the $1 billion mark. Why bother? Bragging rights, would be my guess. Plus, that Oscar thing.

And then there’s this fan art by “joshmc” over here. It looks quite good, and I like the usage of the Joker’s trademark line from the movie.