The Dark Tower May Finally Get Made After All — Fingers Crossed!

The Dark Tower Comic BookThen again, that’s what we’ve been saying about this franchise for, oh I don’t know, the last 3-4 years? (More like two years, actually, it just feels longer.) But this time it looks really, really good! Honest!

Originally set up at Universal by the Imagine Entertainment boys (Brian Grazer and Ron Howard), along with partner Akiva Goldsman, the studio eventually bailed when it felt the film was just way too ambitious and expensive for its taste. That led the trio to take the property to Warner Bros., who were considering the option, including Goldman’s latest script revisions to cut down the budget. Turns not, it’s a no-go at Warner Bros., too, with the studio officially passing.

So now what?

Have no fear, MRC to the rescue! That would be Media Rights Capital, the people behind the surprise hit “Ted” (from Seth MacFarlane), and who has the big-budget “Elysium” with Matt Damon on the way. MRC is now said to be in “serious talks” to take over “The Dark Tower”, a movie franchise that would include three movies along with two limited series TV shows that would fill in the dots in-between the three movies. Ron Howard is expected to direct the first movie.

Probably to help build momentum for the film, Howard, Grazer, and Goldsman have been talking with their “A Beautiful Mind” star Russell Crowe to sign up to play Roland Deschain, the mysterious gunfighter at the center of the books, and his journey through a mystical wasteland to the titular Dark Tower.

So what’s left? Wait and see what MRC says, I guess.

The Dark Tower Novel Cover

Via : Deadline