The Descent 2 Crawler Pic

“The Descent 2” is almost upon us, and Fangoria has gotten your first look at the Crawler from the sequel. It kinda looks like the Crawlers from the first movie, actually, but Fangoria is calling it an exclusive pic so, uh, let’s just go with it. On their visit to the set, they also met up with producer Neil Marshall, the original movie’s director, who returned briefly to shoot scenes featuring all five women from the original, who will all be featured in a flashback of sorts — they’re all in video footage found in the cave.

And now, let’s break for Fangoria to dish the film’s gruesome plot:

THE DESCENT 2 begins with a confused, traumatized Sarah emerging from the Appalachian mountain caves where she confronted frightening foes: the Crawlers and her darkest dreads. With no rational explanation of what exactly happened or why she’s covered in blood, the police force her back into the subterranean depths to help locate her five missing girlfriends. But as the rescue party enters further uncharted territory, gradual flashbacks start haunting Sarah as shocking memories return. Only she begins to realize the full horror of their futile mission—and only she knows what lurks to trap them in the eerie shadows of the labyrinthine warrens.

I say stay out of the damn caves. Seriously, what is the purpose of slithering into the deep, dark, and foreboding bowels of the Earth? As far as I’m concern, if you do that shit for fun, you deserve to get eaten by cannibalistic freaks.

The Descent Crawler