The Dude on the T-Shirt Has a Movie. Here’s a Poster.

Finding a pimply-faced kid on a college campus wearing a Che T-shirt is like looking for bread crumbs at Rosie O’Donnell’s house. It ain’t much of a challenge. Now that idiot buddy of yours who wears the Che shirt may or may not know anything about the guy whose face is on said T-shirt, but that probably shouldn’t stop you from pointing at him, at his shirt, and then laughing in his face the next time you see him. When he asks you why you’re laughing, just tell him, “Dude, are you like in love with Benicio Del Toro or something?” Trust me, much hilarity will ensue.

Anyhoo. Here’s a poster for “Guerrilla”, the Che Guevara biopic from Steven Soderbergh, and starring Benicio Del Toro as the revolutionary. It also co-stars Benjamin Bratt, Franka Potente, and a guitar-slinging Lou Diamond Phillips. Probably.

Poster via ImpAwards:

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Che Movie Poster